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Unleash your team. Everyone has a gift to share.

Unleash your team. Everyone has a gift to share.

My dear friend Ron and I coached the Tustin Cobras Pop-Warner football team for 6 years.

We had a run of 4 years without a loss.

My stepson Dylan is beginning his first year of high-school Varsity football.

His team asked friends and family for a letter of affirmation to start the season with some encouragement and motivation.

We shared a laugh after reading the letters we wrote.

Hey Dylan – I wanted to send a quick note and wish you and your team a fantastic season…..remember, effort and attitude are everything! It has been an honor to participate in your football journey since the age of 5, and I’m very excited because the best is still to come~

Continue being the strong, cautious and kind young man you’ve always been…Now, it’s time to suit up and get after it!!



Think Violent.

Hit Harder.

Establish Dominance.

That is all.


We both love Dylan.

Is it good to have diversity on your team?


Allow each person on your team to share their gifts.

Unleash them!

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