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1:1 Coaching

You don't need to have a problem to have a Coach

45 minute virtual sessions


Thoughts drive our feelings and emotions, which in turn drive our behavior. 1:1 session’s are designed to form an alliance with the client to help uncover the energy blocks that may influence our thoughts and determine the optics through which we view the world.


What type of energy do you want more of?

Want type of energy do you want less of?


1:1 session’s do not have to focus on a problem. They can be used to outline ways to enhance strengths or personality attributes.

1:1 coaching

Keynote Speaking

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Key Speaker


Being part of a team can be an amazing experience. Lifetime bonds are created through the shared experience of both victory and loss. Is your team on the verge of something amazing? Could they crush expectations and perform at a higher level with a small tweak? Let’s explore where your team is versus where they could be and begin the work on the outcome you know they deserve.

Client Welcome Package includes:

  • Official Welcome Letter from Ben

  • Outcome Elite Wristband – BE BAD FASTER

  • Outcome Elite T-shirt – WHO WANTS TO BE A LEADER

  • Outcome Elite Tote Bag

  • Outcome Elite Notebook and Pen

  • Complimentary Energy Leadership Assessment and De-brief

Keynote Speaking Opportunities
Team Coaching
Coaching & Consulting

Pricing information

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$30 fee for all consultation calls​

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