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Ben has been an instrumental part of Ethan’s personal and athletic journey by facilitating a path of self-discovery. And in doing so, I’ve watched my son’s confidence and vision of the future change and evolve.

Coach Ben’s passion is always on display because he loves having a positive impact on others.

I would recommend Coach Ben to any family interested in maximizing their child’s potential.


—  Ron Scaffidi

Ethan3 (2).png

Our family has fond memories of the time Amari spent working with Coach Ben.

He encouraged our son to look inward first and challenged him to be the best version of himself.

A winning mindset! Thanks Coach Ben.


—  Trisha Stafford-Odom,

        Head Coach Women’s Basketball North Carolina Central University

—  Michelle

Thank you again for today. Ryker had an awesome time. We appreciate your positive and energetic approach to coaching him.



Coach Ben,

Thank you! You have given Parker such a boost – it means so much.


—  Jennifer Scheer

—  Sylvia Lutfi

Coach Ben.

Thank you for having such an impact on Stella. You are her favorite coach and a true natural at inspiring kids.


Our son plays multiple sports and had been proving to be a valuable asset as a player. Yet, he was struggling with self-confidence issues while also focusing more on his individual accomplishments and not the teams. The pressure of playing was hindering him. He began working with Coach Ben and we immediately saw a change in his attitude, focus, and decision making. He was no longer smashing his hockey stick out of frustration nor was he complaining about bad calls or plays in football. Our son was learning the value of staying in choice and taking the opportunity to become a leader on his team, not just a good athlete who could be selfish at times. Ben has also been working with him on how to handle to pressure and channel his emotions. We appreciate Ben’s style and dedication to working with our son to become a better teammate, student, and person.”

Joey Seymour

We fortunately, found Ben through an ad at a basketball tournament. From their first meeting, Ben connected with my son and after the first full session, we saw a difference in his game.  All sports - but basketball specifically, is at times, a tough mental game. Ben helps kids find their true potential from within themselves.  I highly recommend Ben to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level.

—  Susan


We had the opportunity to work with Coach Ben over the summer and I can't say enough good things about him and the service he provides. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and struggles with mental challenges during high pressure performances. When we met Coach Ben for the first time, my daughter felt comfortable talking with him and immediately felt his support and positive energy. Coach Ben provided objective goals for my daughter and broke them down into smaller steps. He also gave her strategies to use when she felt overwhelmed or anxious. I would definitely recommend him for any athlete that is looking to gain confidence, learn new tactics to handling high pressure sport performances or even just to have someone that helps encourage you and support you on your path! I think we all could use a Coach Ben cheering us on every week!



Ben is a very special coach, mentor and friend!

—  RMV Roy

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