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We All Need A Coach

Why? ​ They see things we don't yet see. ​ They have wisdom we may not yet possess. ​ They speak the truth even when we are not prepared to hear it. ​ As a sales leader I have hosted many meetings. During a recent conversation with my coach, I shared with her the contrast between the feedback I received from my immediate supervisor and those who report directly to me. ​ The feedback from the team I lead was general and positive. ​ I never really though about the difference. Feedback was feedback...right? ​ Nope. ​ When we want feedback we will ask for observations that will lead to improvement. ​ Ex. What aspect of my presentation could have been better? ​ When we want validation we will ask: How did I do? ​ Now I understand. I will be better. ​ Thank you Coach! ​ #growthmindset #dontbeafraidtofail #leadership #Dean #UNC #leadershipdevelopment

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