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What Will Your Verse Be?

In 1989 Robin Williams starred as Professor John Keating in the movie Dead Poets Society.

My favorite scene in the movie takes place when Professor Keating asks the students to huddle up in the middle of the classroom.

As Professor Keating endeavors to stoke the artistic ember burning inside the students of fictitious Welton Academy, he paraphrases Walt Whitman's O Me! Source: Leaves of Grass(1892)

Oh me! Oh Life! Of the questions these recurring,

Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities filled with the foolish,

What good amid these, O me, O Life?


That you are here - that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

Keating ardently repeats the final verse and asks. "What will your verse be?"

What a powerful question for each of us to ponder.

What I will add is this...

Whatever your verse has been... it does not have to play a role in the script of your future.

you are the author of your reality.

Now I ask you...

What will your verse be?

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